The Meaning of Birds Podcast

We see birds every day, but, what do they mean to us? This weekly podcasts looks at the lives and meanings of some common British birds.

The Robin

The Robin is Britain's favourite bird. Its most associated with Christmas, but this bird has a dark side. Find out more in this, the last Bosco Podcast in this first series of The Meaning of Birds.

The Jay

The Jay is not generally thought of as a common bird, though there is an estimated population of 170,000 breeding pairs across Britain. Modern research has found some extraordinary facts about this colourful corvid that shows its importance for the environment, and challenges our perceptions of what makes us distinctly human.  Find out about the Jay in the 5th episode of The Meaning of Birds Podcast.

The Pigeon

The pigeon has been associated with humans for thousands of years. Over many millenia, the bird has been a sacrifice, a religious symbol, a food source, a sporting bird, a pet, and a messenger. There is a history of extraordinary benefits that surpass those of any other bird. Find out about the pigeon in the 4th episode of The Meaning of Birds Podcast.


The Rook

The Rook is the clown of the corvid family, and throughout history they have attracted dedicated rook watchers. These observers have discovered that there is more to rooks than meets the eye.  Find out what's so special about them in this third podcast in the series.

The Starling

Everyone has seen starlings perched on aerials, wings flicking intermittently and pouring forth strange noises that seem to pass as song. These birds have some extraordinary attributes. Find out what they are in the second podcast of The Meaning of Birds.

The Sparrow

The sparrow is one of the most numerous birds in Britain, but they have a mixed reputation. Find out how we have treated these bustling little birds in the first podcast in this new series on The Meaning of Birds.

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